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Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that originates in Ancient China and is widely used throughout the world today. The basic principles of this practice are inserting very thin needles into pressure points throughout the body to relieve muscle tension, stress, and can aide greatly in healing muscle trauma. It is also used in the treatment of chronic pain, neurological problems, stroke rehabilitation and post surgical recovery. Kenji Omori Massage Therapy offers acupuncture services to patients either on its own or as a part of a larger therapeutic plan. This in combination with his full range of physiotherapy services offers patients a wide range of options based on their comfort level and their needs.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is done without the use of oils as friction is uses to stimulate the muscles and other systems of the body. Utilizing deep static and rhythmic massage techniques the client is massaged by the therapist, Kenji, relying on their body weight to both hold the body in specific positions to stretch the muscles and massage them simultaneously.

Kenji will listen to your health concerns and provide solutions that will get you back on the road to health and happiness.

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